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  • Ebooks and digital payments in the Arab region. Interview with Bilal Zahra (eKtab)

    The Lab has published a number of articles on digital publishing in the Arab world in recent years. Although new technologies offer enormous opportunities for the region, they are not without obstacles. Indeed, the technical difficulties associated with the EPUB format and the lack of digital payment methods are the two challenges most often mentioned by local actors. In this interview [...]

  • A Web Template for Independent Publishers!

    Every publisher nowadays needs a website to enable them to publicise their backlist, increase their visibility, make contact with their readers and progress down the path of digital publishing. In a context in which many independent publishers still do not have a website set up, the Alliance’s Digital Lab is introducing AlliancePress, a web template [...]

  • The mobile web and the future of digital publications. Interview with Mark Surman (Mozilla Foundation)

    It is undeniable that the mobile Web can help to reduce the digital divide. Developments in this field have allowed greater access to Web content in numerous countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But what happens when it comes to creation and participation? How do we promote an open mobile Web in which local users can be active players, [...]

  • African New Digital Editions: interview with Marc-André Ledoux

    In Africa, traditional publishing has been facing numerous obstacles for decades. Within this context, digital publishing represents an obvious opportunity. Aware of these advantages, various international NGOs are offering free content and experimenting with new forms of distribution. However, so long as there is no established market or commercial ecosystem [...]

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